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April 24, 2016Health News You Can Use

5 Tips to Stay Healthy and Active When Life Gets Busy

The following blog post was originally published on  Click here to view it in its original form. As a busy mom, I often get asked the question, “How do you stay active while wrestling those monkeys!?”  Okay, they don’t exactly use those same words, but you get the picture.  Staying healthy and active as […]

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April 12, 2016Health News You Can Use

Exercise Makes Our Muscles Work Better With Age

To keep our muscles healthy deep into retirement, we may need to start working out more now, according to a new study of world-class octogenarian athletes. The study found substantial differences at a cellular level between the athletes’ muscles and those of less active people. Muscular health is, of course, essential for successful aging. As […]

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March 30, 2016Health News You Can Use

Good News: Eating Chocolate Could Be Good for Your Brain

Craving chocolate? Go ahead and indulge. According to a new study published in the journal Appetite, consuming chocolate on a weekly basis could improve cognitive function. The researchers examined the data of 968 participants of the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study (MSLS), which looks at cardiovascular risk factors and cognitive functioning in adults. The participants ranged in age from 23 […]

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