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Did you know you can receive the same clinical excellence you’ve come to expect from ProRehab in your own home?  ProRehab @ Home provides a healing, relaxing environment while recovering from an illness, injury or surgical procedure.

Your home can now be the place where your family, friends and familiar surroundings make you the most comfortable and help you recover more quickly with the help of ProRehab @ Home.

Who is Eligible?

Senior woman with her home caregiver

To be eligible for home health you must have a physicians referral, be considered homebound, and have the proper insurance.


The patient’s condition must be such that leaving the home requires an extremely taxing effort. In most instances a “homebound” patient’s absence from home is short, infrequent and occurs for the purpose of receiving medical treatment, attending church, going to the beauty parlor, etc.


  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Anthem

For more information please contact ProRehab @ Home at (812) 759-7457.

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